Karren's Clothing Cupboard


UPDATE: Karren’s Clothing Cupboard is not opening until the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  There will be an open house for the congregation on November 20. 

Karren’s Clothing Cupboard: A little history of Karren’s Clothing Cupboard to help understand where it came from and where we hope it goes. Years ago Hope Mayhew had a desire to build a clothing thrift store that would be run by the church. The rummage sale always has a large amount of clothing and articles left at the end of the sale and we had been sending what was left to Northern Tier Children’s Home thrift store. Over the last year they have stopped taking more items because they are so full. Last winter, while discussing the Spring rummage sale, we didn’t know what to do with the leftover items. During devotions, a thought came to mind, which was presented to Cindy Ellis and then to the United Women of Faith. With their support, we presented to Outreach, then Trustees and the Church Council; all strongly supported. Because we believe that Karren Harter, who passed away a few years ago, would be excited about this project, we decided on the name “Karren’s Clothing Cupboard”.
Fast forward to today. Because the Winter Fantasy was Karren’s brainstorm, preparation began to transform the WF storeroom. Everything had to be removed from the room, items to be kept were moved to another room, clothing needed to be gathered and sorted, the room was cleaned, patched, painted, lights replaced, carpet cleaned, racks installed, storage area set up and so many little items that it’s hard to remember. Currently we are putting clothing on hangers and in cupboards.
So, when are we opening? If we had our way, yesterday, but realistically (hopefully) mid November. When we open, the current plan is Tuesday from 10-1 and Thursday 1-4. Tuesday and Thursday because those are the days the food pantry is open from 12-2. We still need a sidewalk to the outside door; the trustees have that under control. Curtains, screens, staging, and trim are still to-do. We are in the home stretch.
It is such a blessing to be part of something so important to our community and to know that we belong to a church that has a heart for so many. God Bless you all as you bless others.