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From the Outreach Committee:

The Horseheads Food Pantry at the Presbyterian Church sent an annual report.  Our congregation graciously supports them with monetary, food and toilet paper donations.   The weekly food donations netted 1778 items, 20 birthday bags, and 50 back to school snack bags were also donated.  When we raise money, it goes to the food pantry to allow them to purchase what is needed and they look for the best prices. 

According to their records:

2021                2 022                           2023

Families served           814                              1310                            2265

New Families              222                              263                              419

Outside the area            69                             72                               34

Adults served              1068                            1863                            2979

Children                       578                            929                              1558

Seniors                         468                              629                              1424

As you can see, the number of people in need of outside support does not decrease.  Outreach is grateful for being able to help support the Horseheads Food Pantry with our donations and volunteers.  Thank you knowing you are making a difference.

Coming in May from your Outreach Committee:

The Annual Clothing Collection for Vets will begin May 13 and run through June 16 when the items will be delivered to the Bath VA.  As in the past, they have asked for sweatshirts and sweatpants (Med. To 2X, plain, no logos.)   They are hard to find this time of year.  If you have been able to find them, they will be appreciated.  Additionally, they have also requested men’s underwear (med., Lg., ExL., and 2X), men’s t-shirts (Lg., ExL, and 2X), and socks.  They can also use new or gently used sneakers.   The T-shirts can be white or colored with no logos or writing on them.  

Thank you